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We already sold the 48pcs-game, but know we also offer this small edition.

In this 9-piece game, players must throw a ball over the table and try to get them into the Cups of the other team. The cups are filled with beer or other beverages. Is the ball in? Then opponent must drink this cup empty. This popular drink game consists of 9 cups and 3 balls.

Fun for young and old, for example with the family during the holidays, at a student party (filled with beer) or for children's parties (fill the cups with water or lemonade). Often seen in the USA at neon party's, blacklight or glow party's. 

Do you want to play beerpong in blacklight? The orange ping pong balls light up al little bit in blacklight. Only the inside of the cups are blacklight reactive. To make the cups more visible we advice to use glowbracelets to place around the cups.


Make two teams and fill the cups with beer, water or other beverages. Place the cups in a triangle together. One team is on one side of the table and the other team on the other side of the table. The goal is now to throw the pingpong ball from a distance in the opponent's cups.

If you get the pingpong ball in the cup, the opponent must then drink the content of the cup in one sip. The first team thas has all cups empty loses and must also drink the rest of the cups of the winning team.



  • Material: plastic
  • Diameter cups: 6 - 9.5 cm (bottom - top)
  • Height of cups: 12 cm
  • Content cups: 500 ml
  • Diameter per ball: 40 mm
  • Number of Players 2-4 Players
  • Spell 15-29 Minutes
  • Content: 6 Red cups + 3 Pingpong balls
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