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The perfect party package to give a glow-in-the-dark party at home

Do you want to organize a children's party that will be remembered for a long time? GLOW is a perfect party theme for both young children and teenagers. Neon, glow-in-the-dark, blacklight, all names for the theme that is extremely popular at this moment. A party in the dark where all neon products light up.

By using a UV lamp (black light) all fluorescent products lights up. The children will be surprised to see their white clothing, but also the balloons, garland, glasses, plates and cutlery light up brightly in the dark! In this way, eating cake is not only tasty, but also an experience itself!

The package contains all the necessities to easily organize a Glow party at home for 8 children. You can do it in the living room, kitchen or hall. It can actually be done anywhere, as long as the area is dark enough. Cover the windows with dark garbage bags and turn off all the lights. You can also celebrate in the garden, but only with good weather because the lamp is not waterproof. Or you should put up a party tent that is really dark.

The lamp that is supplied is a 6x3 watt UV LED bar. The smallest UV led lamp that we have. It is ready for use, safe and equipped with handy mounting brackets. If you can't hang it on anything, you can also put the lamp on a cupboard or kitchen staircase. The lamp is powerful enough for a small area. If you hang the lamp above a table in a room that's dark enough, everything that is fluorescent on the table will light up. If you hang the lamp on the ceiling above an empty dance floor, it will illuminate around 10 m2 (enough for a disco party with 8 children together). Do you want more blacklight effect, or do you want to shine UV light from two sides? Then expand the package with an extra lamp. Do you have a larger room or more children? We also sell the lamp in larger versions. See related products below.

In addition to the lamp and neon table ware, the package also includes everything to decorate the room. With the wool you can make luminous threads over the ceiling, around the chairs, plants and other pieces of furniture. This gives a surprising laser effect! With the tape you can decorate everything in the room, you can use it to write texts on the wall (note: can leave adhesive residue on paint or wallpaper), or create games with it. With the package you will receive tips on what you can do with the materials. 

A Glow party is not complete without luminous make up. With the Face & Body paint set you can easily make the most beautiful creations on faces, arms and legs. With the glow bracelets and the glasses frames you make glow glasses for all children. There is a complete set of glow bracelets for every child. The smiley rings provide a flashy effect. Also nice to use as a give away for the kids.


Package includes

  • 8 Neon plates (diameter 23 cm) Temporarely replaced by white reusable lates. 
  • 8 Neon drinking glasses (300 ml)
  • 8 neon spoons
  • 8 Neon forks
  • 8 Neon knives
  • 16 neon straws - 24 cm
  • 10 UV Neon balloons
  • 1 UV neon crepe paper
  • UV wool (150 m, supplied randomly in yellow, green, orange or pink)
  • UV tape (19 mm x 25 m, supplied randomly in yellow, green, orange or pink)
  • 8 complete sets with glow sticks to make 3 glow bracelets
  • 1 tube with 100 glow bracelets (mix of colors)
  • 8 glow glasses frames (to make 8 glow glasses with 16 glow bracelets from the tube)
  • Paintglow blacklight Face & Body paint kit - set of 6 tubes, a palette, brush and UV light
  • 8 smiley rings (including batteries)
  • 8 Neon Tyvek wristbands (supplied randomly in yellow, green, orange or pink)
  • 1 UV lamp (black light): UV LED Bar - BUV63 - 6 x 3 watt
  • Free invitations you can download here (in Dutch)
  • Including tips for decoration and games



  • Delivery per set
  • The neon spoons, forks and knives are made of sturdy, transparent plastic. They are disposable items, but if you wash them carefully by hand, they can be used again. They are supplied in a mix of blue, orange, green and pink.
  • The neon plastic plates are out of sale and replaced now by white plastic plates, reusbale and UV reactive. 
  • Suitable for children from 4 to 12 years
  • Not for children under 3 years old due to loose parts.

Are you not satisfied with the package? We have a 14 days return policy. Please contact us to register your return. You can send the entire package back to us within 14 days. This only applies to the (unused) children's party package in total, in its original packaging. We do not take back individual products.

Does your child give a party for less children? Then you have some spare parts, always handy!
More children are invited? Most products can be ordered separately, with the exception of straws and neon table ware. View our related products.


Combine your Glow party with a fun activity in the dark.
Some options:

  • Decorate neon t-shirts with UV / Blacklight markers;
  • Turn the music and disco light on and dance at your Glow disco party;
  • Instead of t-shirts you can also ' pimp masks ' with paint, beads and tape;
  • Make luminous cupcakes with our UV / blacklight edible color powder;
  • Glow sports with our Glow sport neon package;
  • With UV clothing and make-up you create a real Make-over fashion party ;
  • Create your own escape room with invisible instructions;
  • Did you know that your UV hair spray can make luminous artworks during a graffiti party ?
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