UV Printer Ink - Magenta - invisible

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- Glow Specialist
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With this printer ink, you can print invisible with your refillable ink jet printer.
The print is visible through the use of black light. (Best results with blacklight light at 365nm)
Also possible by using UV at 395nm, however, the print visible colors are less attractive.

Use this ink, for example on security documents, labels and tickets.
Also suitable as theft protection, personal images and secret messages.

Use the invisible colors as follows:

  • UV ink Magenta invisible - replaces magenta

The UV inks are invisible under normal daylight.
The prints are only visible when using UV / blacklight light.

This products contains one small bottle of 10 ml.
These are fairly small bottles to keep it reasonably affordable ink.
As an option you can also choose for the bigger 50 ml bottle. 

The best results will be on paper that doesn't light up with UV, white paper lights up already under blacklight this leaves the printing less noticeable. Preferably for example, yellow or blue not light up paper. the effect will be the best.

Only adviced for use in a Epson printer with piezo printhead.

Glow Specialist the specialist in invisible inks.



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