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Create your own NEON prints.

You know it, a gift image with neon colors, produces once printed vale colors. But not anymore! With this special UV / Blacklight ink, neon colors really come true and all the way you keep the print at UV / Blacklight.

With this special (printer) ink, you can use UV refill inkjet UV light to illuminate UV / Blacklight. Recommended for Epson printers only with a Micro Piezo printhead. Available in 6 colors. This concerns the color BLACK. Although the color black does not light up, it is an important contrast color to make the other colors blink.

In contrast to our invisible UV ink, the print is just visible in normal light, but is thus more bright when using blacklight. (Best result you get with blacklight light at 365Nm). When using UV at 395Nm, the print is also visible, but the colors are less beautiful to its right.

This product consists of one (small) 10 ml bottle filled with our UV ink.
It is a rather small bottle to keep the ink reasonably affordable.
As an option, you can also choose a 50 ml bottle.
You can pour the UV ink into the cartridges with the supplied syringe.

The best works on ink on non-luminous paper. That white paper is already on its own under blacklight, which makes the print less noticeable. For example, use yellow or blue non- luminous paper, then the effect is most correct.

This ink is only recommended for Epson printers with a Micro Piezo printhead.

We also sell sets of 4 and 6 colors.

Glow Specialist is the specialist in UV ink.


  • UV printer ink
  • Available in 10 ml and 50 ml
  • Colour Black
  • Includes syringe cap

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