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In addition to our range balloons, we also sell disposable helium tanks. Useful when you want to fill your balloons with helium yourself. This tank has a helium fill valve to fill the balloons. The disposable helium tanks are for single-use but reclosable and therefor also handy when you want to fill only a few balloons, but intend to use the tank for multiple occasions.

Helium is non-flammable and non-toxic and the gas is stored under high pressure (about 200 bar) in steel or aluminum cylinders. For saftey these cylinders have to be placed against a solid object. The use of the cylinders or the filling of the balloons needs to be done by adults only.

Make sure you let the helium cylinder valve open so than it can be compressed more easily.



  • Contents: tank with filling valve (use)
  • Good for: 30x 25cm latex balloons / 12x 45cm foil balloons
  • 13,4L tank capacity: 0.25m3 gas / 308.2 liters of helium
  • Quality: 100% pure helium
  • Sliding Time: 5 to 7 hours latex balloons / 1 week minimum foil balloons
  • Size: 25 x 25 x 43cm
  • Weight: 2600 grams
  • Helium tanks can't be returned 
  • Tank is for single use (non-refillable but reclosable)
  • Helium is not flammable!
  • Helium is not suitable for inhalation!


The helium tank is supplied without balloons (which can be ordered separately).

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many balloons can be filled with helium tank?

  • 25cm latex balloons: ± 30 pieces
  • 30cm latex balloons: ± 15 pieces
  • 45cm foil balloons: ± 12 pieces

How to use the helium tank?

  1. Turn the tap fully open (NO helium will escape) and place the balloon on the black spout.
  2. Press the black nozzle down, the balloon is filled with helium. Let the nozzle trigger loose to stop filling.

Helium tanks can be used multiple times, you can reclose the tank through the valve to turn off. Helium tank can be disposed as ordinary household waste.



  • Fill the balloons not too full. (The balloons will stay up longer and look more beautiful and you can fill more balloons.
  • Fill the balloons for the party at the last moment. (The hang time is dependent on the quality of the balloon, the ambient temperature and the size of the balloon.)
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