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Ultra bright professional light up LED golf balls (Set of 3). 
These golf balls have bright embedded LED lights that glow with brilliant color when activated. The LED lights and internal batteries are sealed and enclosed to guarantee the size, feel and weight of a professional ball. No Timers! No Inserts!

This LED golf ball uses a specially developed light activation technology to light up the balls. Simply swipe a bright light source (we prefer your smartphone flashlight) over the activation circle to turn the glowing golf balls on. When you're done playing, swipe the light over the activation circle again to turn the LED golf balls off.


Our opinion:
We have seen a lot of balls pass in the past years. One better than the other but we were always looking for perfection. Where all the other led balls gave problems (concerning activation) this led ball has the solution.

It is easy to activate and it will stay lit as long as you want, which makes it easy to find at night. So you can use this golf ball over and over again. Once you have finished playing, it is also easy to switch off and ready for the next game. It stays lit continuously, so no annoying flashing light as some other golf balls have

Are there any drawbacks to LED balls? The biggest disadvantage is that the batteries are not replaceable and that they usually only last for 1 to 2 years. If you find that annoying, we recommend our new Glow Golf Balls that will last for years without problems.

Our conclusion: this led golf ball is a winner!


Instuctions to activate light

  • Activate with our flash light or cell phone flash light.
  • Swipe the flash light as close as you can on the circle on the ball to activate the LED in the golf ball.
  • The led golf ball will stay lit until you swipe it again with you flash light
  • Repeat above procedure to use again
  • Please ensure the ball is turned off before storing
  • Exposure to sunlight can activate the ball so ensure to store inside original container



  • Set with 3 led golf balls (green, red and blue)
  • Diameter of 1.68 Inches (4.2 cm) (Standard Golf Ball Size)
  • Light Activated LED Golf Balls
  • Use your phone's flashlight to activate
  • You choose when you turn it on and off
  • Keep your game going all night long
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