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Dora magical table lamp

€14,95 €4,95
Create your own Dora adventure! Turn on the light to see the "magic"! The day disappears and the night appears.
A compact flashlight with a 15cm UV fluorescent lamp. Equipped with a 4 watt fluorescent and a small flashlight. useful for checking or testing money with UV blacklight.
Eurolite UV tube 60cm slimline design The entire fixture is 60 cm long, but only 3 to 6 cm thick. This makes it an ideal blacklight for both fixed and mobile use. The black lights are more together perfectly in a flight case ...
What's different about the moon tonight? It's inside your room! Authentically detailed, Moon In My Room hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon. Twelve different phase settings let you match what the real moon looks like out...
This Warm White LED Tape(strip) gives a nice warm light, to bring the perfect atmosphere. Both direct and indirect light an amazing effect.

This led strip is a high end led strip, not a 12V led tape.
Made for the high demand user.
Nice compact PAR-64 LED spot. Equipped with 183 x 10 mm LEDs.
This lamp can work both independently or in a DMX environment.
DMX 512 control is possible from any DMX controller (5 channels)
Multifunctional LED torch with 35 LEDs used as flashlight (9 LEDs), work lamp (18 LEDs) and as warning signal (8 LEDs) with red flashing light. The back of the lamp has a strong magnet, and can therefore be firmly attached to a metal surface.
Convenient standard to use for a lamp with E 27 socket. Ideal for our LED Party Starter 11 cm and 15 cm, and Omnilux LED BC-1 E 27 Beam effect to make them sparkle standing instead of hanging. Fun on the table during a party!
Pimp your bike with this unique LED Bike wheel spoke lights. You can attach it within seconds by snapping it on your spoke and it will create a unique light on your bike and it is the perfect solution for safely riding in the dark. Available in 3 col...
We have a whole new range of Halloween decoration / mood lights, to transform your party, classroom, the garden or your home into a spooky Halloween creepy atmosphere. Create your own haunted house! For example, with this set of 10 orange lanterns wi...
Lamp holder in UFO design incl. energy saving UV lamp in a spiral on a black plastic stand. Hanging and standing installation. Perfect for use in small clubs, party cellars, etc.
Omnilux LED BC-1 E27 Beam Effect. Rotating disco lamp with white LED. Great kaleidoscopic effect in simple design. The 5 watt LED bulb is consuming 10 rounds per minute and creates a magical light
RGB LED strip - warm white for every occasion the right color. Remove the backing from the 3M adhesive strip and place the strip where you need light. This LED strip can not only make all RGB colors, but also provides warm white light. D ...
A handy swiveling LED lamp. Great for home, work, caravan or camper, anywhere really! Especially when you consider that the lamp can be rotated 320 degrees. The lamp is rotatable from the foot and the lamp itself can also rotate.
These bike lamps are equipped with three LEDs per light. We sell a headlight and a backlight. Both lights are equipped with three illumination modes: Constant / Flashing (2). Thanks to the three bright LEDs you see everywhere in the dark. The holders...
The latest technology! Energy saving and super bright light. This lamp is equipped with a powerful 60 watt UV COB LED. Operation via control panel with LED display, remote control or DMX512 (2 channels).
Telescopic flashlight with a magnet on the end. This light can shine in all difficult corners and, for example, pick up a screw.


€19,95 €14,95
Disco Lamp I LOVE YOU. Valentine! Party lamp with three linked lamps alternately burn / flash with sweet text I LOVE YOU. Fun to decorate the nursery, as a gadget on your desk or on a disco party at home.
Original mood lamp effect: The heart can be touched by hand, this causes an electrical charge towards your fingers. The discharges to concentrate on the point of contact. With built-in microphone. MOOD LIGHT!
UV LED spot in multi lens design with powerful 80 W COB LED
The ML-56 UV spot is a new power full spot from Eurolite.


€35,00 €29,00
Complete UV fluorescent illumination set with starter and UV fluorescent tube. Ready for use
LED BICYCLE LIGHT SET with an ultra bright white 5-LED head light/torch ans a rear light. 3 modes: steady/slow flashing/fast flashing. Operates on 6 * AAA batteries (not included) Waterproof IP65
If we get a cold snowy winter or not, this fun family-friendly snowman brings your home or garden into a winter wonderland. This decoration snowman contains 60 LED lights, a power adapter and a cable run of 5 meters. Size: Appr. 48 cm.