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With this electric fireplace "Catania" you bring even the coldest and darkest days of atmosphere and warm cosiness into your home. An expensive fireplace that is difficult to maintain is not necessary. Put the plug in the wall socket and the heater works!
This USB Desk Refrigerator in retro style is a nice gadget for on your desk. The mini fridge cools one can of soda max 375 ml in about 30-45 minutes, It has a USB connection with a cable length of 1.20 meters and when the door opens a red LED indicat...
The Classic Fire Torino fireplace electric heater is fun in every room. With its 3-position it's a practical heater that you can place anywhere. No chimney flue needed for this stove operates at 230-240V, so you only need powersupply.
If you want to hang a small mirror ball, for example, in your living room or in the nursery, it is not a pretty sight to lay long wires to a power outlet. The mirror ball is battery operated and can therefore be hung anywhere, no ugly wires in sight.
Very flexible EL Wire / EL Wire in several colors. EL wire can be used for countless applications.
By using 2 AA batteries it can be used almost anywhere. On the inverter (battery case) is a control button. Choose the functions: on, slow flashing, fast

Party lights - white - 10 LEDs

€23,95 €19,95
Festive party lights to decorate your garden or home with and create a nice ambience. Black string with 20 white leds bulbs
As if a car is driven through the wall. This 3D LED Car night light is totally awesome both 'on' and 'off'! With the included wall stickers it seems as if the car has through the wall. The night light provides enough light for your child to be no...