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Candled is a brand with a mission.

How did Candled originate?
Many historic homes used LED candles as part of the historic displays, as open fires are not allowed due to safety and fire regulations. However, the LED candles used were a poor imitation of the real thing and distracted from the otherwise beautiful and authentic historical displays.

Louise Ayres, House & Collections Manager at Saltram, said they used the best LED candles they could currently find. In addition, the LED candles used had to be switched on and off manually, which meant that delicate historic carpets had to be walked on frequently. Louise said the holy grail of LED lighting would be a truly realistic LED candle that can be controlled remotely.
This was the beginning of Justin's two-year journey to develop the most realistic LED candle.
Using state-of-the-art LED technology and complex electronics and software in combination with a range of high-quality materials and components, the world's first truly realistic LED candle has been created that is difficult to distinguish from a real flame. The technology developed to achieve the realistic flame has resulted in a patent application.
The Candled candles are in a class of their own, have a long battery life and always have a remote control. Handmade, real wax finish, environmentally conscious, no heat and safe, and packed in recyclable materials. Made in Devon, United Kingdom