Star Lightning Ceiling

At daytime your ceiling looks normal and nothing tells you what the evening is about to happen. In the evening your ceiling turns into a veritable galaxy! A galaxy of brilliant stars, large and small, in the correct positions of a particular date that you can choose yourself! For example the starry sky of your wedding or the day of birth of your child, anything is possible!

You always have difficulty to sleep? You can now count the stars. Want to learn where the stars should be in heaven? Or are you a very romantic person, then this is something for you!
Fun for yourself, your children, or to give someone as a gift!

Now you wonder how is this possible?

Of course we will not give away the exact method! What we can tell you is that we use specially imported 'glow in the dark pigment", that in optimal conditions is visible in the dark up to 12 hours.
Through the special application techniques we create a 3D effect, making it look as if you are watching the stars. The darker the room, the better the effect.

How long does it last?

The special pigment is at least 10 years effective and can repeatedly be charged! You charge it in 15 minutes by turning on the light before you go to sleep. The more light the pigment absorbes, the better the glow effect will be. The first hour the light intensity is the highest, but when sufficiently exposed to light, it's visible throughout the night.

If you have enough of the starry ceiling, what we can't imagine though, it is easily to get rid of by repainting it.


Pricelist (Valid from 1 april 2023)

Starlightning Ceiling



Star Lightning ceiling <20 m2

€ 195,- 

Basic Price *

Star Lightning ceiling >20 m2

On request 


Travel expenses - KM

€ 0,75 / km

We calculate with Google maps from our office at Balkerweg 22E in Ommen. 

* Rates are per room, including tax, labor and materials.

Example price calculation:
You live 25 km from our office. Travel expenses are 25 km x € 0,75 = € 18,75
The price is € 195, - + € 18,75 = € 213,75 for a ceiling < 20 m2.


  • 25% off for 2nd room and more rooms
  • Discount is valid only on the day of application of the first Star Lightning ceiling.
  • We should be able yo create The Star Lightning ceilings in one day.
  • If you have neighbours in your street who wish to have also a Star Lightning ceiling on the same day, the discount is also applicable.


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