Responses from customers - Starlightning ceiling

First ordered all supplies for the blacklight party via the site. And then made an appointment for the ceilings of all three of my daughters. For my oldest, Yvo even processed her late father and her grandfather in the starry sky. Speechless and astonished, we were. And still. What a passion and artist he is. Incredibly grateful for creating such a beautiful gift for my girls. Now my ceiling

Bianc vd Pol from Alkmaar


Just the girls in bed. What a great response we received from them !!
They both really love it and we got big, big hugs. The disbelief was also very beautiful: "How did you do that ??????"
Well, we didn't make that ourselves.
So a real hit! Thank you and good luck with your business !!

Fam. Cutter, Oegstgeest

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"It has been a while since you secretly applied a starry sky to me.
I was not home that night; my husband and girlfriend had conspired to get me out the door.
In the evening in bed "Good night" and the light went out.
And then you suddenly lie under a great starry sky !!
And still I can enjoy it intensely if I can't get to sleep sometime or just when I turn around ...
We often show it to friends and acquaintances and one after the other is completely in love with it.

Customer from Ermelo

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"It is really beautiful as I said, I can sleep well under it,
I can only count to 30 with stars.

Robin Nieuwenkamp from Schijndel

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"Yes, it really is so beautiful.
I now feel even closer to my deceased parents, so peaceful.

Helmy from Schijndel

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"Hey, thanks again for the beautiful starry sky and the advice what to do or not to do.
And I am going to blast it towards others (the housewarming is also a nice one for :). "

Customer from The Hague

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"Hello, we have been sleeping in our new bedroom since Sunday
"experience" the starry sky every night before we go to sleep.
We think it's great.
Thank you again. Greetings"

Client from Rinsumageest (Friesland)

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"When I returned from Paris last night, I quickly turned on the light in my bedroom to 'charge' the ceiling.
Fifteen minutes later the lights go out and I must say that the result is very beautiful!
At first I didn't see much, but that turned out to be mainly because my eyes had to get used to the dark.
Very nice that the longer you look, the more stars you see everywhere and nowhere.
My girlfriend was also very happy with this surprise!
So thank you very much and I will certainly recommend you to friends. "

Greetings and success,

Customer from Voorburg

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"We sleep very well under the stars.
We have not counted them all, then we are usually asleep. "

Client from Utrecht

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"It was nice to meet you and the ceiling looks beautiful.
My compliments for this unique process ".

Customer from Tilburg

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"..... was super impressed by our beautiful starry sky.
He thought the stars and especially the two shooting stars (with that depth there) wonderful.
The 'milky way' effect, he thought, seemed a little less real.
..... did not expect it at all and was pleasantly surprised.
He wanted to know immediately how it was made, thought of something with a projector and then wanted to see the photos.
On Saturday we went to look directly at lamps that considerably illuminate the ceiling as a whole to make it shine even stronger. "

Customer from Arnhem

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"Thank you very much for creating the star ceiling in the bedroom of our 8 year old daughter.
now she doesn't want to stay anymore ........ everybody has to come stay with her. Thanks!

Customer from Zeist

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"Last week I had a starlightning ceiling made for my son in his bedroom.
Contact went smoothly, an appointment was made in no time and the result is impressive.
It's a hefty release, but it's definitely worth it!
It really is a beautiful sight and indeed the darker the more beautiful. "

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"I wanted to thank you again for the starligthtning ceiling that you made in our son's bedroom.
He absolutely loves it and tells everyone who wants to hear it.
At the moment he has a boyfriend staying and they are enjoying the stars together. "

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10 years ago we were one of the first to use Glow Specialist. We wanted a starry sky in the bedroom. Through pictures on Google we had found out the address of the Glow Specialist and yes, we would just have to wait and see if it would be something. The price was too low, in our opinion, so what would it be ...

The Glow Specialist specialist arrived on time, did his job and when we went to bed it was as if we were looking at the starry sky in the open nature in Africa.

The specialist promised that it would remain on the ceiling for ten years.

And indeed, now ten years later and still too cheap, he came again to apply the starry sky, because we had had our ceiling whitened and yes, then the starry sky would have to be applied again.

We chose the starry sky on the date my wife and I met.
The big bear, comets etc. are clearly visible.

Advice for people who also want this gives a huge peace when you are in bed.
And yes, it was again too cheap so we gave him some extras because we can take it again for ten years.

With kind regards Dutch Painter Geurt Ouwerkerk.