Glow in the dark products

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Glow in the dark products

Glow in the dark products absorb light and release light in darkness. We have a wide and diverse range of glow in the dark products like stars, stickers, make up, paint, toys, golf balls, tape, safety products.

How it works

Another name for glow in the dark is phosphorescence or fluorescence. It simply says that the product absorbs the light and releases it in the dark. This can be done with phosphorus, but also with newer chemical compounds. It needs to be very dark to get a good effect. If it is not dark enough, the product won't light up. The glow time depends on the workable substence in the material and the amount of light stored in the product. This may vary from a few minutes to a few hours.

Is the room not dark enough but you want to use luminous products? Buy or rent good blacklights / UV lamps and look at Blacklight / UV for the many alternatives.
Looking for something luminous, but it is not dark enough for Glow in the dark, but you don't want to use blacklights? Then look at our department  Glow for fun luminous gadgets.