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Montana NightGlow - Orange

The new improved Montana NIGHTGLOW NG1000 is a high pressure, high performance nitro acrylic based paint. Montana Cans is the graffiti brand for true enthusiasts.

The Montana Nightglow now contains stronger luminous pigments. The new quality stores light as absorbed energy that is charged and releases that energy (as light) in total darkness. The luminous orange color, glows in the dark. In the dark it has a green glow.

The time the paint emits light depends on the intensity and duration of light exposure (charging) and the amount of NIGHTGLOW EFFECT paint applied. For an optimal effect it is recommended to apply several coats on pre-treated surfaces. The highest light emission occurs immediately after charging. As with all glow in the dark products, it is important that it is really dark to see the effect. Outside it is difficult to get a long-lasting effect because there is often ambient light such as the moon or street lighting, etc. It is therefore important to apply the paint (graffiti) in a dark place.

Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.
For best results, use a strong light source or black light (UV-A) to charge the NIGHTGLOW EFFECT spray and view it in complete darkness with no other light sources.

NIGHTGLOW can be used on smooth, rough and primed surfaces such as metal, wood, hard plastics, primed board and walls, etc. We recommend applying the product on surfaces that have been pretreated with Montana GOLD Shock WHITE 9100 to achieve the most intense shine effect. (See related products at the bottom of this page)

Please note that a longer drying time may be required, depending on the substrate applied. Limited resistance to weather influences, light and UV influences. Once completely dry and cured, the life and durability of NIGHTGLOW EFFECT Spray can be extended by applying a UV transmissive varnish.

We recommend use with Montana Fat Caps (eg Black / Orange).
Do not forget to wear protective equipment. Glasses, mask, gloves and clothing when applying.


For optimal lifespan, always make sure to store with the nozzle on the can.

  1. The safety ring is easy to remove - just lift up the nozzle and turn the spray can up side down and the ring will fall out.
  2. The ring helps to avoid accidental triggering in transport or storage.
  3. Turn the can upside down. Strike the bottom of the can against the palm of your other hand.
  4. Repeat this several times to make sure to loosen up the ball bearings* from the pigments in the can.
  5. Once the ball bearings* are loose, keeping the can turned upside down (advantage of gravity) and shake.
  6. Then shake the can vertically for at least 2 minutes.
  7. After you have shaked the can well put the nozzle back on the can. Fix carefully with your finger and make sure that it fits.
  8. Make sure to always do the first spray on a test surface first, as the top of the valve system may harbor more solvent than pigment on the first shot. This is normal.


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