Terms Of Delivery

Terms Of Delivery

Is the supply of the Star Lightning ceiling:
Glow Specialist, incorporated and based in The Hague.

Article 1. Applicability

1.1 All offers, orders and agreements of Glow Specialist to the exclusion of any other general conditions these Terms and Conditions (the Conditions). The articles and / or services are as clear and truthful as possible and / or described on the website. They are described and possess the qualities mentioned by Glow Specialist in the offer. The offer clearly indicates what the customer is required to do upon purchase and what his/her rights and obligations are, if he/she accepts the offer.
1.2 Glow Specialist ensures that the prices indicated during the term of the order until the time of delivery shall not be changed.
1.3 The provisions may be changed only in writing in these Terms, in which case the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
1.4 All rights and claims, as in these conditions and any further agreements for Glow Specialist are made, are also stipulated for by Glow Specialist intermediaries and third parties.

Article 2. Acceptance of orders

2.1 Glow Specialist reserves the right to not perform or reschedule orders. Glow Specialist will deliver the ordered items only after the customer has made full payment in advance, unless otherwise agreed in writing. About the customer will receive written notification.

Article 3. Viewing terms

3.1 Since the Star Lightning ceiling is applied mixed by means of luminous pigment in a special binder, after the application of the Star Lightning ceiling it is not removable. This is not a trial period.
3.2 When Star Lightning ceiling is ordered an appointment can be made to see a Star Lightning ceiling at another location. If the product does not meet expectations, it can be cancelled and any payment refunded back.
3.3 If one wants to remove the Star Lightning ceiling they should paint with a good covering of ceiling paint pigment, after which it will no longer be visible.

Article 4 Conclusion of contract

4.1 The contract is deemed to have been concluded at the time that Glow Specialist commencing the actual installation of the Star Lightning ceiling.

Article 5. Delivery

5.1 Glow specialist will do everything possible to deliver accepted orders within 1 to 20 days. If the delivery is delayed for any reasons or if an order can not or can only be partially implemented, the customer will be notified.
5.2 If an article "on demand", the delivery will be delivered on demand delivered. At the time of the call date and time will be arranged for delivery within 7 working days from the time of call.

Article 6. Warranty

6.1 Glow specialist guarantees that the items are to be delivered to meet the usual requirements and standards that are free from any defects.
6.2 The guarantee referred to in Article 6.1 shall apply for a period of 7 days after delivery.
6.3 The bill Glow Specialist serves as proof regarding the warranty.
6.4 If the delivered products do not meet these guarantees, Glow Specialist will replace the item within a reasonable time after receival. In case of replacement, the customer agrees to provide access to the Glow Specialist to replace the Star Lightning ceiling.
6.5 In the event of hidden defects or in case of visible defects after the trial period, should be sent in by the customer within 7 days of discovery of the defect. The complaint should include a description of grievances and / or defects and preferred in written form. If the customer doesnt write for a repair or replacement request, Glow Specialist decide whether the item will be replaced or not.
6.6 This guarantee does not apply if the defect is caused due to improper or inappropriate use or when customer or third parties have made changes, or using the Star Lightning ceiling or have used for purposes the product is not intended for.
6.7 Although the pigment and the binder are virtually invisible may cause an unwanted discoloration in some cases. Requires Glow Specialist is not liable and this is not a condition for compensation or refund.
6.8 Undesirable discolorations can be created by dust, nicotine, old paint and other mystifying substances.
6.9 (in) direct costs or damage to the customer or a third party caused by the Star Lightning ceiling, are not refundable unless the customer proves that the costs or damages have been caused by intent or gross negligence by Glow Specialist.

Article 7. Payment Terms

7.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the payment is made by means of payment in advance or other payment method as indicated by the customer when ordering.
7.2 Payment must be made within 14 days after the invoice date, to be specified by a Glow Specialist way and in the currency invoiced.
7.3 If the amount is not recieved within the specified payment period, (Art. 7.2.), Credited on the account of Glow Specialist, Glow Specialist reserves the right to terminate the agreement when payment is not recieved.
7.4 All prices quoted on the website include VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

Article 8. Part Payments

8.1 If the order is delivered in parts, the customer is required which has already been received, cash or payable in accordance with the deadlines established for this purpose. Delaying payment until the entire order is received, is not permitted.

Article 9. Operation of the pigment

9.1 The pigment is high quality and meets all safety and health conditions in the EU.
9.2 The pigment can be charged about 8 years indefinitely without loss of quality.
9.3 The actual light output of the pigment is dependent on various factors. Most of the light emission is conducted within the 1st hour after charging and will be less and less over time. It will be visible up to 10 hours to the naked eye.
9.4 The brighter the light to which the pigment is exposed to, the more the light it will emit. Low exposure to light, thus less light output.
9.5 The room where the Star Lightning ceiling is placed should be dark enough to observe the optimal result, In improperly darkened rooms the Star Lightning ceiling works bad or not at all.

Article 10. Other provisions

10.1 The accuracy of all amounts specified by Glow Specialist are to be held.
10.2 Glow Specialist can accept no liability for the consequences of errors on the website or other media.
10.3 Glow Specialist is authorized, if necessary, modify or adapt its terms.
10.4 By placing an order each customer hereby unconditionally agrees to the above terms and conditions.
10.5 These terms are exclusively active under Dutch law.