Glow Padel Rent

Organize your own Glow padel tournament at an affordable price and save costs!

Glow Padel (also called blacklight padel) is very popular and easy to organise by yourself. We offer complete rental packages for Glow padel events, including lighting. It is very easy to install the lamps and mark the lines with UV tape yourself. It's not difficult and we will of course explain it when you pick up the materials. But it is certainly not necessary to hire someone to dot it, it's cheaper to do it yourself. 

A Glow padel rental package is sufficient for one padel court (indoor or outdoor).

Glow Padel rental package contents:
♦ Professional UV lamps (LED)
♦ Tripods
♦ Extension cables
♦ Neon tape (2 rolls of 50 mm x 50 m) for line marking and cage construction, in 2 different colors
♦ Neon tape (1 roll of 19 mm x 25 m) for the top of the net and the rackets
♦ Neon wool (150 m) for the net


Amount of courts:Price*:
1 court€ 130
2 courts€ 250
3 courts€ 375
4 courts€ 460

* Price is for a complete package, including rental lamps, tripods, extension cables, neon tape and wool. (You can keep the tape and wool).
* Price is per day (24 hours). A weekend also counts as one day, pick up on Friday and return on Monday.
* Prices include VAT.
* We require a deposit of €100 per court.
* The rental packages can be picked up at Glow Specialist, Balkerweg 22E, 7731 RZ, open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm.

Have you made reservations for outdoor courts and are the weather forecasts very bad? We don't make a fuss about that. You can always cancel for free or postpone the reservation to another available date.

Are you interested? Send an email to [email protected] with the date, the number of courts and whether it is indoor or outdoor, and we will check whether there is sufficient availability. You can also call 0529-711001.


Padel is rapidly gaining popularity. So a glow version could not stay behind. Glow Padel means that a padel match or tournament is played in the dark, on a padel court lit by blacklights (also called UV lamps). The lines, the ball, the participants, the cage, the net, the rackets and all other neon items light up colorfully. You can imagine that it is wonderful to experience. You cannot compare a Glow padel match with a 'real' padel match. Because it is very dark, it's hard to  assess the depth. It is mainly the funny element that makes it a unique game. Besides neon tape and wool, you also need UV lamps.


♦ Do I really need UV lamps?
The answer is yes. With glow-in-the-dark products only you will not get the desired effect because it is never dark enough. You can only achieve the effect with UV products and UV lamps. Glow-in-the-dark products also glow in UV light, so you can also do a combination of both, but only if you also have UV lighting.

Will everything fit in my car when I come to pick it up?
It fits easily in most cars. We are happy to help with loading, we have plenty of experience.
Are you unsure whether it will fit? Call or email us with the type of car you're coming with and we can immediately tell you whether it fits.

I only have 1 or 2 sockets available?
No problem, the extension cables that we supply are very long and the lamps do not use much power, so you can plug them into one socket.

Is it difficult to place the lamps?
No, that's not difficult. And we will explain it when you come to pick them up.

Do you also deliver the lamps to location?
Unfortunately, we do not deliver, but we do offer a competitive price and the drive to Ommen is beautiful.

I am unable to pick up on Friday, is it also possible on Thursday?
No problem and returning on Tuesday is also allowed. We are really flexible.

Can I cancel in bad weather?
No problem, you can cancel free of charge.

Should I bring the lights inside when it rains?
No that is not necessary. Leave them outside, they can withstand the rain.
If you indicate that it is for outdoor use, we will provide suitable lamps for outdoor use.

How long does it take to install?
The two of us can do it within an hour per job, but many hands make light work.
So make sure you have some volunteers to help you. Clean-up is much faster and the tape leaves no adhesive residue.

I see that you supply wide tape, isn't narrower tape cheaper?
We indeed supply wide tape, which stands out and is just as wide as the lines on the track.
That just looks much better. Narrower tape is much less noticeable and we aim for the best result.

How can I increase the neon effect?
Ask participants to wear neon-colored clothing or look at Glow padel products for funny, luminous accessories. With UV make-up such as Face paint or Paint sticks you ensure that the players stand out even more in the dark.

Can I use the same tape outside?
Yes, we use the same neon tape for outside courts (just wipe it off beforehand). On grass and gravel it sticks not so well, so we recommend to  secure the corners with small nails.

Do I also need UV tennis balls?
Most new, clean tennis balls in neon colors glow in black light (UV light). So if you already have them, you should not purchase special balls.

We want to organize it more often.Can I also buy the package with UV lamps?
We also have a package for purchase. Look at Glow sport Neon package and separate UV LED bars .

Where can I go if I have questions?
For free advice or a no-obligation quote, please contact us by telephone or email. Of course you can also drop by.

"Glow sport is a great experience for young and old"