Many sports clubs are looking for a fun activity to celebrate their anniversary, recruit more members, or to do something for their regular members. A Glow sporting event or Blacklight event is therefore a perfect activity, which many players enjoy very much.
Our products were used at various major events, such as the Glow Run, Fjoertoer Egmond, Lightwalk Scheveningen and GlowGolf.

Some people call it Glow in the dark sports, which is actually a wrong designation. Glow-in-the-dark materials are charged by absorbing light and emit light in the dark. And for a great effect it should be really dark. At a sports competition it is never dark enough for a beautiful luminous effect, so forget about products sold under this category and realize that with glow in the dark products alone, you will not have the desired effect.

Blacklight or Neon sports is actually a better name, because you ALWAYS need blacklight in this activity. And blacklight means: UltraViolet light. In this case UV-A, which is higher in the spectrum.
NEON stands for fluorescent, or everything that is bright in color and lights up in the dark caused by UV light. The name GLOW is actually a collective name for everything that lights up. We therefore prefer the name Glow sports or Blacklight sports.