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Kryolan products

Since 1945 Kryolan the film, theater and television world supplier. That makes Kryolan one of the first professional makeup upmerken world. Kryolan products are now used all over the world already in more than 90 countries. Glow Specialist is now the Kryolan specialist for UV products of this great brand.

Kryolan distinguishes itself from other brands by contacts with makeup professionals. They listen to their needs, advise them and develop by using their experiences. Each target group has its own special requirements. Theater Makeup should, for example, are highly resistant to heat, moisture and movement. To meet all requirements, each product is a high performance product.

Glow Specialist has all UV colors at home that Kryolan range which has the most beautiful body paints can be made.

Delivery and shipping:

The Kryolan products in stock will be shipped immediately once payment is received (on weekdays). The shipping costs within the Netherlands only € 4.95. We deliver throughout Europe. The Netherlands and Belgium even within 1 to 2 days.

Glow Specialist is the Kryolan specialist!