Glow Tennis - Blacklight Tennis

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Glow Tennis means that a tennis match or tournament is played in the dark, on a tennis court luminated by blacklights (also called UV lamps). The lines, the ball, the participants, the net, the rackets and all other items light up colorfully. You can imagine that it is wonderful to experience. You cannot compare a Glow tennis match with a 'real' tennis match. Because it's very dark, you only see the ball at the last minute and you also hardly see the other players and your own racket. It is mainly the funny element that makes it a unique experience. In addition to neon tape and wool, you also need UV lights. We recommend 4 x 30 watt COB lamps per tennis court (in- and outdoor). Or 2x100 watt lamps (for indoor use). These can be rented at Glow Specialist. See:Rental light & sound. E-mail us for a free Glow Sport offer with discount.