Neon party package 1 (schmink)

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What do you need for a successful neon party, also called a glow-in-the-dark party or blacklight party? 
A dark room or area, at least two strong UV lights, some nice decorations and of course a neon party package with UV schmink for about 25 people. 

Whether you're celebrating your birthday, organizing a class party or celebrating a school party ih the theme glow-in-the-dark / neon / backlight, this party package provides you of neon schmink. 

Pimp the guests with the Paintglow UV Paint stick.. In daylight, it's nice to see, but as soon as the blacklights turn on the paint gives a great luminous effect. 
With the lipstick, you provide everyone with beautifully striking lips. (Our experience is that the boys like to use the lipstick as well, but then to write on their arms or face). 

And for the surprise effect, use the invisible UV Bodypaint pen! Use this to mark everyone entering the party (no one will refuse, because it's invisible). As soon as they get into a room with UV light / blakclight the mark will be visible. 

All you need for your party is a dark space and some good UV lamps that lighten the cosmetics. If necessary, tape the windows with black garbage bags to make the room darker, because the darker it is, the prettier the neon effect. 

If you want to expand your neon package, order some UV cosmetics products aside. Are you also looking for neon theme products to make your party location attractive? Take a look at our UV products / decor and decoration or order a Neon party package 2 (decoration).

This package contains:

  • 6 x Paint Glow UV Paint Stick or Paint Liner (different neon colors, standard or pastel)
  • 1 x UV / Blacklight Bodypaint pen (green or blue)
  • 2 x Paintglow UV Lipstick (2 different colors)

NB. The colors are delivered randomly

From experience we know that this package is sufficient to provide approximately 25 children with UV grime. It concerns stripes, dots, texts, etc. on face and hands and lipstick. If the whole face has to be covered or larger parts of the body, then one package will not sufficient. However, you can then order the products seperately or choose another product.

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