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Very flexible EL Wire / EL Wire - 5 meter

EL wire can be used for countless applications. By using 2 AA batteries it can be used almost anywhere. 

On the inverter (battery case that's included) is a control button. Choose the functions: on, slow flashing, fast flashing and off.

EL wire can be used in clothing to shine during festivals, parades and shows. Or to light up products by wrapping it with EL wire.

We also sell EL-wire in 2 and 10 meters, and splitters to add more wires to your inverter and extension cables to extend your el-wire.


What is Electroluminescence Wire or EL Wire?
Electroluminescent Wire, also known as EL Wire, consists of a flexible copper wire with a coating of phosphorescent material. Two hair-thin wires are wrapped around it. A waterproof coating is applied, before the assembly is enclosed in a colored, light transparant plastic layer. When a high-frequency electric voltage is connected it lights up like Neon. 

The EL wire is flexible and lights up all around over the entire length. EL wire is available in many colors and different diameters. EL wire doesn't get warm and can be cut off at any length, from centimeters to thousands of meters and can be operated with an inverter, inverter or an AC/DC adapter.


Product details

  • EL wire length 5m
  • 3 volt
  • Inverter operates on 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Diameter 3.2 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +55 degrees
  • Available in 4 colors: blue, yellow, green, red, pink and white
  • Inverter makes a high pitch sound, this is normal
  • Shorten the EL wire is possible (see You tube videos) but at your own risk, no warranty. 
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