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Montana Cans
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Beautiful, shiny paint with blue glitter particles. The Montana GLITTER 400 ml is the choice of users all over the world for a high-quality glitter coating. This paint series consists of five metallic colors. The spray has a glossy finish that comes in a clear paint base. The series has a beautiful metallic effect on all kinds of objects and works of art.

Montana GLITTER can be used on many different surfaces, including paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain, stone, acrylic and other paintable materials (not on synthetic surfaces). After application, a thin, shiny lacquer layer with a fine distribution of glitter particles appears. Multiple layers lead to a higher particle density and enhance the effect. We recommend shaking well before use, even after short breaks during application. Keep in mind that the achieved end result can be influenced by the color and gloss level of the substrate.

The spray can be combined with Montana GOLD, Montana ACRYLIC markers and conventional acrylic paint. Now available in Silver, Hologram, Dusty Gold, X-Mas Red, Amethyst and Cosmos.


Surfaces must be clean and dry. Shake well for 2-3 minutes! Apply the spray at a distance of 20 - 30 cm from the object. The best glitter effect can be achieved on smooth surfaces. The darker the surface, the stronger the effect. Prime any object black with Montana GOLD Shock Black. Allow the undercoat to cure completely, apply several thin, even coats, min. 5 minutes drying time between coats. Shake the aerosol well after pausing to avoid glitter particle sedimentation, the more layers the stronger the hologram effect. Dust dry after approx. 10 minutes. Touch dry after approx. 60 minutes. Fully cured after approx. 24 hours.

Gives a bling bling effect to, for example, your lamp, candle stand, bicycle or art object. Or pimp your cards, vase or furniture with the spray for a beautiful glitter effect. Nice for Christmas.


  • Delivery content: 1 aerosol
  • Color: transparent with blue 'cosmos' glitter particles
  • Content: 400 ML
  • High Quality
  • Lacquer base: Acrylic paint
  • Medium pressure
  • Nitro combi base
  • Avalilanle in 5 colors: Silver, Hologram, Dusty Gold, X-Mas Red, Amethyst and Cosmos.
  • Warning: Flammable
    Wear protective equipment when working with this paint such as a face mask, gloves and goggles. The paint is slightly flammable, harmful in contact with the skin, causes skin irritation, causes serious eye irritation and is harmful if inhaled.

Please note, this paint is not UV or glow in the dark paint, it is used as a glitter effect.



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